Keepin it under wraps..

(This is a pic from a race last summer, but I haven't taken any new ones super recently, and thinking of winter pictures would make me sad!)

So this is sposed to be a real nonchalant thing.. at one time I made a personal blog, but proceded to delete it 15 minutes later because I thought it was a hilarious/ridiculous idea. Who's really needs to read about my running.. and arch classes.. and cooking.. and trips to farmers market? Much less leave me comments about it!! Mmm who knows. Maybe I'll have to leave myself some to make me feel better :D

Anyway - for a brief reacap of "day one":
- breaky followed by 17 miles. oh yea.. did I mention I run?
- Dunn Bros with the running club
- shower / food
- Dunn Bros again to meet with a local architect / show him my porfolio
- CoOp shopping & yummy cooking
- clean. the whole flipping house.
- pick up the madre at the airport
- food. more

I was just about to start the Yoga for Distance Runners episode of Namaste Yoga when my mom called for a ride home.. BUMMED because I'm too tired to do it now! So I shall eat ice cream instead.. indeed :D



  1. BamaRunner11 said,

    you made a blog! sweet! i'll deff be commenting alot. what about the old one? what was that used for?

    on March 31, 2008 at 6:32 AM